What's a Gruenhagen, right? Perhaps, if you're here, you already know it's a surname. As a matter of fact it's my surname. I'm Phil Gruenhagen. Maybe Gruenhagen is your last name too. That's what this site is about - Gruenhagens. Not the name, but the people. Our family.

I've finally gotten started on the electronic version of Julie Coan's Gruenhagen Family Scrapbook. It's the first 30 pages, so it covers only the earliest family history. There's not really anything here that isn't in the book itself, but it might prove useful for those who don't have the book.

It's important to me is to make sure that everyone's privacy is protected, so at some point a user name and password will required to access certain areas of the site. I haven't had time to implement this yet, though.

In August, 2001, we went to the annual Camp Clark outing in Redding where we met up with some old friends. I took a few pictures and here they are.

November 5, 2002 Weird, but new: Refrigerator Poetry

Although there's still a lot of technical work to be done behind the scenes to create the type of site that I really want, I've finally decided that I should just provide some basic access to some of the content I've gathered. Amy's pages are now available, as are a bunch of family photos, mostly from some of the photo albums that my mom & dad have. Kim Anh's Web Site is also available again. You'll need a user name and password to access this content. If you're a family member, contact me via email and I'll set you up. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can send me email.

I still have lots of ideas for this site. I'd like to make it an online gathering place for our family. All of this takes time, though, so I'll do what I can when I can.

Last updated: November 5, 2002